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Heating Pad


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Heating Pad & Hot Water Bag Combo

My mist Combo of 1 Ltr Hot Water Bag with Electric Heating Gel Pad and Non Electrical 2 L Hot Water Bag / Hot Rubber Water bottle (Red) Heating pad 3 L Hot Water BagĀ Modern lifestyle and hectic schedules are common for all people. The daily routine is full of hefty movements and painful settlements. Whether you drive by your own or travel by bus, body pain is common. Sedentary lifestyle, weather changes, old age and exercises also led to pain in joints, muscles and body. What can be most relaxing than a hot pouch to relax your cramps, muscles and joints? Electric Hot Gel Bag, Pouch, Pack is an innovative way to reduce your time and stress. Forget about filling hot water in bottle or rubber pouches. Just charge in the Hot Gel Bag and use it to relieve your pain.



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